SySTEM 2020 Research: Informal Science Learning & COVID-19
This form has been created by the SySTEM 2020 consortium, led by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin (IE).We aim to generate a brief overview of the response of the informal science/STEM/STEAM learning community to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey will not take longer than 10 minutes.
Informed Consent - Your Participation in SySTEM 2020 Research
What are we asking?

This project examines science learning outside the classroom for young people aged between 9 and 20 years all over Europe and Israel. One element of the project is a map of science learning opportunities:

As COVID-19 has affected learning practices worldwide, the SySTEM 2020 project would like to understand how the pandemic has affected the activities of organisations that offer informal science/STEM/STEAM learning for young people.

What data are we collecting and how?

We are collecting opinions from staff of organisations that offer informal science/STEM/STEAM learning for young people through an anonymous online questionnaire comprising 10 questions in English. No personal data will be collected. We will ask for your country which will help us to examine any variations or trends observed in the data for different countries. All questions are optional. You may change your mind about participating at any time until you hit “submit” – all answers are submitted together. After you submit the form, it will not be possible to rescind your answers, as they are anonymous.

What will we do with the results?

The SySTEM 2020 consortium will analyse the results of the questionnaire, and will share the results via the SySTEM 2020 website, newsletter and social media. We will also use the results to submit academic papers for peer-review in open access journals. The researchers may also present the results in research posters or oral presentations. Following this research, the survey results will be stored on a secure server until 5 years after the end of the SySTEM 2020 project (June 2026).
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