Understanding Environmental Injustice in Baltimore through GIS: Pop-Up Class
March 1, 5-7pm
Lab A (of the Loyola Notre Dame Library)
Environmental Justice (EJ) is the notion that no community should bear the burden of environmental hazards or enjoy the benefits of environmental amenities disproportionately more than any other community. It is the case that throughout the US, poorer minority communities are disproportionately burdened with the negative impacts of toxic and constituent pollutants than more affluent white communities. The story in Baltimore is more complex; whether or not a community is an EJ community depends in part in how environmental hazards and benefits are defined. Students will calculate EJ metrics for the city using different hazards and amenities. Students will leave this pop-up course having completed a spatial analysis and created their own maps to display the results. These activities are designed to give students a greater appreciation for the analytical power of GIS and the potential to develop valuable and marketable skills through future course work.

Instructor: Robert Neff (rjneff@loyola.edu)

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