Have you seen the 2024 Young Living Calendar? I’d love to gift you a copy, but need to confirm I have your correct mailing address... But first, be sure to read through these updates! :) 

Young Living is making things way easier on us all in 2024 and those changes start MARCH 1 – that means effective immediately, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you (and your team!) get paid.

Before I explain it all in WORDS… I want you to know there’s a FREE short course about the Compensation Plan at where I even get out my whiteboard and show you all the nuances of every level of compensation with YL. 

AND… there’s a single video where I highlight the 2024 changes – so you don’t have to dig into every bit of it if you don’t want to!

First – bye bye Customer Volume!

I know, a lot of us were perplexed by a the new CV terminology term (and it’s possible you never understood it)... bottom line – it’s GONE. 

Out with the new, back to the old. ;)

100pv Rule is Reinstated immediately

This is so much easier for us all to understand!! The vast majority of us are doing 100pv minimum each month anyway, so it’s no big deal. You’ll keep getting your check as usual. Just remember any of your team members who want to get paid for anything but Fast Start* need to have a 100pv order in this month.

Fast Start pays out to ALL qualified Brand Partners, regardless of their PV.

Have a new Brand Partner (or one who’s been around) who sells a kit? Helps a friend grab a few supplements on their first order?

For all THREE months of the new customer’s Fast Start, that bonus will pay out regardless of the enroller’s PV. This is so great for our new sharers! If they do want to get paid as a Star rank or earn unilevel or anything else, they’ll need 100pv for the month.

Volume Based Legs 

You no longer need to worry about the qualification status of the person at the top of your leg. Maybe they didn’t hit their 100pv for the month? It won’t affect YOU counting that leg’s total OGV towards your rank goals. 

Again – if you want to learn MORE about the Compensation Plan, how to earn more, and what these changes are… be sure you go join the Compensation Plan Simplified course! It’s FREE and was made with all these changes in mind! 

Xoxo - Erin

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