Sai's Sense Without Sight talk / blind navigation workshop - Feedback
I'd like to get your feedback about the blind navigation crash course.

This form is totally anonymous (the only extra info I get is a timestamp), unless you tell me your info at the end.

If you want to give feedback on Twitter, please tag: #BlindNavigation @EMFCamp @saizai . If elsewhere, please email me a link in case I miss it.

- Sai ( / @saizai /; gender neutral pronouns)

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EMF 2016
EMF 2018
EMF 2020
EMF 2022
EMF 2024
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Workshop: Used cane while blindfolded
Workshop: Helped someone using cane & blindfold
Workshop: Followed along, not as helper
Goalball: played or refereed
Workshop: Was walked into (or around)
Workshop: Saw part of it
Watched Sai's talk
Watched Niklas' talk
Saw a blind person walking around with cane or dog
None of the above (but went to this)
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