Birth Photography Questionnaire
This questionnaire allows me to get a better idea of what to expect, should I get the opportunity capture your birth story
Name *
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Partner or Birth Support
OB / Midwife
Estimated Due Date *
People Attending *
Birth Location Address *
Your Birth Plan *
Basic Wishes on how you would like your birth to go
When would you prefer for me to arrive to photograph your labor? *
Services I am interested in
Current Pregnancy
Past Labors and Delivery
Details of previous labors and deliveries (ei early, late, induction, labor duration, coping techniques used, any complications
What birth aids do you plan on using?
Gravity assisted positions, breathing techniques, hypnotherapy , aromatherapy ect.
Out of respect for your privacy, is there anything that you would like me to leave the room for? Or anything you would not like me to photography during labor and delivery?
Are you aware if you are sensitive to noise, light or smells?
Do you know your baby's gender?
Have you chosen a name for your baby? If so, what is the name you have chosen?
Do you plan on breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Would you like pictures of you feeding your baby?
Are there an details that are really important to you? I try to capture all the details that make up your story, this just gives me a better idea of things that are important to you.
If you choose "Bonding with specific family members" please specify who.
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