AGS Pre-Show Health Questionnaire
Upcoming Show: Midwest Show, Cleveland, OH, Oct. 25-26, 2019

About this Form: This form should be completed between 8 and 14 before the first day of the show (Oct. 12-19). The answers to this form will be reviewed by the AGS Health Team for the purposes of determining whether your kennel may participate in the show. A member of the team may follow up with you by phone or email for additional information.

Please understand that this step is required to safeguard all members' gerbils against a devastating infection with Tyzzer's Disease which was documented among some members' gerbils following our show in March, 2019. Completion of this form is mandatory and the Health Team's recommendation is final.

Whether or not you participate in the next show, no information in this form will be shared beyond the Health Team.
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