2017 FEST Photo Team Application
This is the FEST Photo Team application for FEST 16. Shooting FEST is an awesome yet intense experience. If selected to be part of the FEST photo team, you will have unparalleled access to capture amazing moments of FEST. In return, you will shoot, process and deliver your photos on a daily basis. We have a required meeting the first day of PreFEST and FEST. In addition, each day we will have a required meeting @ FEST HQ to get copies of your images from the previous day of shooting. THE FEST will have full rights to use the images for any type of FEST ads, be it web, print, etc., but that's where the usage rights end. You still get the files and full rights to their usage for any other purpose. It is necessary for us to receive these images every day for you to retain the FEST PHOTO pass. If we don't receive them, we WILL NOT continue to let you use the FEST PHOTO pass and it will be taken away. All Photogs need to do the following with their images for every meeting: upload to the FEST photo folder your edited final images of each band you shot (i.e. 5-10). Deadline for applying is 8/1/17.
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