UGSS has scheduled the FAREWELL PROGRAM–2075 on 2075/12/07 (Thursday) at Nepal Academy Hall ( Pragya Pratisthan), Kamaladi. The college administration would like to invite all the students to attend the program as per the scheduled time and venue. Presence of all the students is mandatory during the program.
1. The students should be in cultural or formal dress.
i) For boys: Formal (Shirt/T-shirt, pant, jackets/coat, suit) or National (Daura and Suruwal)
or Cultural dress.
ii) For Girls: Kurta-Suruwal, Saree, Cultural or Formal (full length) dress.
2. Coloring and modifying hair, wearing jewelries and belt with big headers is strictly prohibited.
3. Students can bring cell phone and camera at their own risk.
4. Students are not allowed to invite their friends from outside the Uniglobe College in the program.
5. Students will not be provided transportation facility for the program.
6. If students are found breaching the disciplinary codes, they will be subject to expulsion from the college without any consideration.
7. Students of grade 11 are notified to register their names on MIS for performance by Sunday 2075/12/03.
8. Selection of performances will be held on Tuesday 4th Chaitra 2075 in seminar hall as scheduled below:
9. Grade XII students Can have maximum two Performances.
Audition schedule
S.N. Performance Time
1 Dance 9:00am
2 Singing 7:00am
3 Anchoring 10:00am
4 Volunteer 11:30am
5 Drama 12:00pm
6 Poem, Joke, Gajal 12:30pm
7 Acting & Any Other 1:30pm
8 Fashion Show 3:00pm
10. Students can perform dance & song in National languages only.
11. Students are encouraged to have group performances.
12. Song must not exceed 4 minutes. You can have maximum 3 songs for fusion performance.
13. Participants must bring all the required materials (dresses) for practice on their own.
14. Participants may practice at Canteen Futsal ground or in the seminar hall of the Block A or at their own Convenient places ( Outside College)
Note: The short-listed students and performances from selection round will perform in the farewell program.
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