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PRE-OCCUPATION: Does your child spend a lot of time thinking about games even when not playing them? *
TOLERANCE: Do you feel that your child wants to play for increasing amounts of time to get the same amount of excitement they used to get? *
WITHDRAWAL: Do you feel that your child is restless, irritable, moody, angry, anxious or sad when attempting to stop their gaming, or when they are unable to play? *
REDUCE/STOP: Do you feel that your child should play less, but is unable to cut back on the amount of time spent playing the game? *
GIVING UP OTHER ACTIVITIES: Do you feel that your child has lost interest in other recreational activities (sports, hobbies, meeting with friends) due to gaming? *
CONTINUES DESPITE PROBLEMS: Do you feel that your child continues to play games even though they are aware of the negative consequences, such as not getting enough sleep, being late to school, spending too much money, having arguments with family, or neglecting important duties? *
DECEIVE / COVER UP: Do you feel that your child lies to the family, their friends, or others about how much time they actually spend gaming, or try to hide their gaming from you? *
ESCAPE ADVERSE MOODS: Do you feel that your child plays games to escape or forget about personal problems, or to relieve uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, shame, anxiety, helplessness or depression? *
RISKING RELATIONSHIPS / OPPORTUNITIES: Do you feel that your child has risked relationships or educational opportunities because of gaming? *
In a week, do they play: *
In a week, how much time is spent on YouTube or other social media? *
How long is each gaming session usually? *
Does your child play games every day? *
If you didn't have rules around gaming time, would they play significantly more if those rules disappeared? *
How do you rate your child's self-regulation? *
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How do you rate your child's concentration / attention skills *
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How concerned are you about violent content in video games? *
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How concerned are you about content in video games other than violence? *
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What other concerns do you have about your child's gaming?
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In the first 9 questions, you were asked to say YES or NO.
1-2 YES's only shows a mild negative impact of gaming on your life.
3-5 YES's shows a moderate negative impact.
6-9 YES's shows a severe impact.

If your answers show a moderate or severe impact, it's probably worth at least having a chat about the gaming. However, nobody should only be blaming just the games themselves. There is much more to that story.

The rest of the questions cover things like time displacement and self regulation. The average number of gaming hours for 12 -25 year olds is around 18 hours a week. Most concerns in this area are about the time spent gaming displacing other healthy hobbies or important activities.

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