Let's Shift Gears on Youth Unemployment together!
Youth Capital launched the first edition of their annual publication- Shift- in August 2020. Shift laid out the ten-point Action Plan that Youth Capital had developed in collaboration with young people across South Africa; grounded in both young people’s experience of youth unemployment and the evidence and research available, the Action Plan prioritises ten systemic challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that young South Africans have the skills, opportunities and support to get their first decent job.
In our current context, the Action Plan was designed to provide a shared agenda across the sector –the blueprint for tackling the crises of youth unemployment.
You can read the Plan now 🔗 https://bit.ly/3kfTaHw

The Action Plan needs you!

The Action Plan was inspired by organisations like yours - collaboration and leveraging each of our strengths (as entities and individuals) can help us, as a country, achieve the outcomes laid out in the Action Plan. As we finalise the 2021 edition of Shift, we would love to include organisations that endorse the Plan by signing on to it; their names and logos will be featured in the publication.

Why should you or your organisation endorse the Plan?

By endorsing the Plan, you
• Join Youth Capital in calling for the implementation of a shared agenda;
• Recognise the role the Action Plan plays as a strategic blueprint for tackling youth unemployment;
• Underline the importance of your work in driving solutions to change the trajectory for young people;
• Commit to working collaboratively with key stakeholders to make the Action Plan a reality.

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