So, you want to run a game, do you?
Yay! You're my favourite person. Don't tell the others, they'll get jealous.
To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?
First and last name, please and thank you
Your answer
By what means of electronic mail shall I contact you?
E-mail, if you will
Your answer
Is your game finished and ready to run *RIGHT NOW*?
When do you think it will be ready to run?
Your answer
What's your game called?
Your answer
What's it about/what's the blurb?
Be somewhat descriptive, if you can
Your answer
What genre/genres is it? (Check all that apply)
What are the minimum number of players?
No, really. We know you want a full game. We want you to have a full game too. But how many players do you *need* to run the game? **PLEASE NOTE** that we would really appreciate games with some flexibility in numbers!!
Your answer
What are the maximum number of players?
Your answer
Will the game have any special requirements?
(For example - must be run outside, or female players only, or you must not be allergic to flour)
Your answer
What size space do you need?
What props and/or set dressing will your game need?
Your answer
What time slot(s) would you like to run your game in?
Have you run a larp before?
Are you writing the game/will you be running the game with anyone else? If so, who?
Your answer
Anything else we've missed? Let us know here!
Your answer
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