Career and Technical Education Parent Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather reflections from parents of middle and high school studets regarding their knowledge of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that may be offered at your school. Unsure what CTE is, check out this web address which provides an explanation- Your responses will be used as part of the CTE Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CTE-CLNA). The CTE-CLNA is a process of looking at the current CTE program to discover its strengths as well as perhaps challenges in order to identify opportunities to further strengthen the local CTE program. Thank you for your input.
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Please indicate the grade level(s) of your child(ren).
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Is your child(ren) currently enrolled in CTE courses or have taken CTE courses in the past? (Component 4.3) (CTE includes Mrs. Ryen's AG classes, Mrs. Matthew's FACs classes, our Capstone program, or online classes such as Accounting, Intro. to Business, and Business Law.)
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If your child has never taken any CTE courses, why not? (Component 4.1, Component 4.3)
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Describe how parents/guardians are made aware of CTE courses and/or work based learning opportunities at your child's school. Work based learning opportunities include opportunities where students get hands on learning in a work place setting such as job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships. (Component 4.1, Component 4.3)
Indicate the extent to which the CTE course offerings at your child(rens) school aligns with your community's labor market needs. (Component 4.2, Component 3.2)
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Are you aware of any partnerships between the school CTE programs and local businesses or business organizations like the chamber of commerce, etc.? (Component 3.2)
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Describe the type of career guidance or career decision making activities your child has participated in at school. (Component 4.2)
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