Kosciusko Primary School Comprehensive Parent/ Guardian Survey

Think about your experience with your child's school as you read each statement below. Then fill in the circle that best describes how much you agree or disagree with each statement.

-The Survey should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please try to respond to all items.
-All of your responses are completely anonymous. No one from the school will ever see your answers, and no identifying information (such as name, child's name or survey ID) will be recorded with your answers.

1. Adults in this school are good examples of the values the school teaches (like respect, responsibility, and fairness).
2. In my child's school, adults teach him/her how to express emotions in proper ways.
3. Adults in my child's school seem to work well with one another.
4. Students in my child's school respect each other's difference (for example , gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, learning differences, etc.)
5. In my child's school, students learn ways to resolve disagreements so that everyone can be satisfied with the outcome.
6. My child's school tries to get all families to be part of school events.
7. My child's teachers encourage him/her to try out his/her own ideas.
8. My child has been insulted, teased, harassed, or otherwise verbally abused more than once at this school.
9. In my child's school, he/she talks about the way his/her actions will affect others.
10. Many students in my child's school will try to stop other students from threatening or harassing others using social media.
11. Students have friends at school they can turn to if they have questions about homework.
12. In my child's school, he/she discusses issues that help him/her think about how to be a good person.
13.My child is in the ......... grade
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