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Use this form if you are hosting a department-specific, campus-wide or public event that involves media production needs. Our staff will be alerted to your request, and we will work with you to make your event the best quality possible. 

We will review your request and contact you within two business days. While we will attempt to staff each request, we ask that you put in requests no later than four weeks ahead of your event date, as there is no guarantee that we can staff your event on short notice.

The majority of events are staffed by our team of fully-trained work study students. There may be a standard per-hour fee for the cost of labor. The charge is $20/hour per staff member. You will be billed according to the actual time of the event, broken into fifteen-minute increments, with a minimum of one hour. Please note that there may be other charges incurred depending on your specific needs. Feel free to contact Media Production Services ( for more details.

Always make sure that you have a room reserved via Event Services. You can email them at, or make a reservation via

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