Young People - Our Future
Help us understand better how to keep young people engaged and involved in orienteering.

We'd love to hear especially from young people themselves.

We'd also like to hear from coaches, clubs, parents, volunteers and anyone with an interest in keeping young people engaged in orienteering.

Without young people remaining in our sport, orienteering has a limited future.
We know there is a significant drop-off from age 14 where young people are less likely to travel to competitions and events with family. Outside the performance squads, many young people then tend to disappear off the radar. Many do not re-engage until they have families of their own. Some never return.

Can we change this? Can we find ways to keep more young people engaged in our sport?

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What do you think keeps young people engaged in orienteering/ enjoying orienteering? *
Feel free to share your own experiences.
What discourages young people from orienteering? *
You can also use this space to share with us why you think young people leave or are put off from continuing with orienteering
What ideas do you have about how to keep more young people engaged in orienteering?
About you
It helps us if we know a little about you, so please bear with us on these questions. We don't need your name/email etc. unless you want to share that with us.
What age group are you? *
What gender are you? *
How often do you orienteer? *
What type of orienteering events do you usually attend? *
How did you get involved in orienteering? *
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Are you involved in orienteering in any of the following ways? *
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Planning courses
Volunteering at club events
As part of Scotjos or a Talent Squad
As part of a junior area team SWAT/East/North
Part of a club junior group
Which club do you belong to? *
If you are no longer an active member of a club just state no club or something similar. Thanks
Any other comments
Leave your details here if you want specific information about future plans to keep young people engaged in our sport. You can also use the space to add in any further comments
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