Off-campus lunch
Parents, for several years, students in the older grades have participated in a rewards system where students earn (fake) money for successes and accomplishments like doing their jobs, scoring A's, and meeting individually-set goals. They deposit their money every week into the Bank of WEVS, and they can write checks from their accounts to purchase rewards. Rewards come both as tangibles (pencils, stickers, keychains, etc) and privileges (the privilege of sitting in the teacher chair, having the teacher take notes, etc.) This rewards system serves several purposes, including classroom management, reenforcing math skills in the form of balancing checkbooks, and financial planning.

There are two lunch rewards that the students can purchase. They may purchase just the privilege of buying a lunch off campus, which costs them $40-50 in fake money, but they must bring $5-$7 of real money to purchase the lunch, or they can spend $100 of fake money and earn their lunch for free. The day of purchase is usually Tuesday and is seasonally dependent.

This form indicates whether you approve the use of personal funds or solely the use of fake money for this privilege.

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