TODN 2020 Live & Virtual Events Speaker Submission Form
TODN is a non-profit organization and requests that presenters donate their time and expertise. TODN provides speakers with the opportunity to:

• Build their professional portfolio
• Receive a LinkedIn recommendation and shout-out on our blog
• Free one-year TODN membership (or four free advertisements in our newsletter)
• Network with others in the OD community
• Submit information for consideration to be included in TODN newsletter
• Receive presentation feedback through the event evaluation process
• Engage in a participatory learning environment

Please provide a detailed proposal to TODN using this form by September 9th, 2019 that addresses the following:

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Speaker name, contact information and bio (up to 250 words). *
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Please describe the area you wish to engage our membership in, and how it expands on traditional OD thinking or delves into an emerging area of practice. *
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Please describe how your session transcends the lecture format to offer an interactive, engaging, and memorable experience. *
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Is your session suited to a live or virtual event?
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The selection committee will review your submission based on the following criteria:
The strength of your submission in areas (first three questions on this form)
Your credibility to speak on your topic of choice,
A history of speaking engagements,
External recommendations,
Originality (Your session goes beyond what has been spoken on in recent TODN Live Events.)
Please provide details on your credibility/OD expertise to speak on the topic of your choice (including qualification summary, education, designations, awards, publications etc.) *
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Can you provide details of your previous speaking engagements? (if you have any links to videos of you presenting please provide them here) *
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Can you provide any external recommendations (Testimonials, LinkedIn references, people who can attest to your expertise on the proposed topic and/or your presentation style and skills)? *
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What makes your session original from our past TODN events? (You can review blurbs of our previous previous TODN events here ) *
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Here are the current available dates for speakers on the current program. Please select all options you are able to facilitate *
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