PM102 Application
Students interested in enrolling in PM102 should apply using this form by December 29. We will add two types of students to the course: project "joiners" and "owners."

PROJECT JOINERS. We will add new members to some existing PM101 teams, expanding them to two or three members. Applicant selection will be based largely on the preferences of current team members regarding who they wish to work with. You can see a list of existing PM101 teams who are likely to be seeking new team members here:

If you are interested in joining a specific team, feel free to contact current team members directly to explore mutual fit.

Please note that project joiners should NOT expect to acquire any IP rights or equity in the venture they work on during PM102, unless existing project owners make such offers.

PROJECT OWNERS. We cannot guarantee funds to subsidize new projects, but if students have a project underway that meets the criteria below, they are invited to apply to PM102. Qualifying projects should:

-- Be ready to commence software development, either for v1.0 of a product or a significant set of new features for an existing product. "Ready to commence development" implies that the team has a Product Requirements Document in hand (see this example of a PRD developed for PM101:, or has the functional equivalent of a PRD (e.g., wireframes, a complete set of user stories) that can be used to provide detailed guidance to developers.

-- Have a confirmed ability to recruit software developers. This means the team either has: 1) access to funds to hire developers; or 2) has members who can and will code themselves.

Applicants who meet these criteria should, in addition to completing this form, separately email to Prof. Austin: 1) your PRD or its equivalent; 2) a pitch deck or its equivalent describing your venture concept (value proposition; business model; etc.); and 3) a paragraph or two summarizing your venture's current status and progress to date (e.g., description of customer discovery work and MVP testing you have completed; prototyping work; etc.). You should also set up a meeting with Prof. Austin to discuss your application - contact Zoe Dabbs to schedule:

Please note that project owners who are working solo or in a team of two should be prepared to add one or two PM102 project joiners in order to expand their team to two or three members. If doing so would be unduly disruptive, please let Prof. Austin know; in this event you will not be asked to expand your team.

On or before January 19, we will let applicants know whether a spot is available for them in PM102. The Registrar will add PM102 to the schedules of confirmed enrollees, who then should use the add-drop system to adjust their course load.

With regret, we cannot enroll cross-registrants in PM102.

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What do you hope to gain from the course, and what do you think you can contribute to your classmates' learning? This response will be kept private.
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If you are applying as a JOINER, describe your preferences regarding project types.
Please: 1) identify any existing PM101 teams that are especially interesting to you; 2) say whether you've been in touch with any teams; and 3) specify the attributes of projects that you'd find appealing. We may share your response to parts 1 and 3 of this question with existing PM101 teams to facilitate matching.
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If you are applying as a JOINER, describe the skills and experiences you could contribute to a team.
Examples might be past work with developers or with launch marketing for a new site. We'll share this response with existing PM101 project owners to facilitate matching.
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