CarVDB Twitter Bounty
Please, like our Twitter page:
Please, also like our Spanish Twitter page:

CarVDB offers 200 000 CAR Tokens to participants in our Bounty Campaign.
200 000 CAR Tokens equal $190,000, which will be distributed before and during the CarVDB Crowdsale!
20% of the Bounty Pool will be allocated to this Twitter Bounty.

• Participants should follow our official CarVDB Twitter page
• Participants should also follow our Spanish Twitter page - Micochenuevo
• Participants should have at least 100 real followers
• The participant audit score should be more than 90%
• The participant Twitter account must be genuine. We will verify all accounts
• Participants should set their privacy setting to open
• Participants should Like and Retweet at least 3 CarVDB posts per week
• Post tweets should include hashtags #CarVDB, #Crowdsale, #Blockchain, #ICO
• Likes and Retweets should be made no later than 5 days after their publication
• Retweets should not be deleted until the CarVDB Crowdsale is over
• Participants should participate until the end of the Token Sale to receive the bounty


Each Like, Retweet or Quote tweet will earn you the following points
• 1 point for accounts that have between 100 and 300 followers
• 2 points for accounts that have between 300 and 1,000 followers
• 5 points for accounts that have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers
• 10 points for accounts that have more than 10,000 followers

Note: List of participants and point balances will be updated and analyzed on a weekly basis.

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