Self-Reflection Guide
These questions are designed to help you reflect upon the job simulation, and to help you consider what you learned. After completing these questions you will be able to:
• describe what you liked and disliked about the task
• identify at least one thing that you learned about this career field, after performing the job task
• describe the impact this activity had on your exploration of this career field

This self-reflection guide can be used in career exploration conversations with a career adviser or may guide your questions during an informational interview with a professional.

Privacy Notice: Your self-reflection data may be used for research purposes (IRB ID #: 201708165, Washington University in St. Louis). Your responses to the Self-Reflection Guide are collected separately from personal information. Your personal information will not be linked to your responses. However, the form requires an email address to send a copy to yourself. If you do not wish to continue filling out the Self-Reflection Guide electronically, please click the Back button on your browser and download a printable copy of the Guide (url: https://intersectjobsims/reflection).

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