FAME 2019 Principal Support Form
Dear Principal,

Congratulations, one or more of your math teachers has applied for the Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence (FAME) program, a unique professional development program exclusively for mathematics teachers of grades 6th - 12th.

Your support of their application(s) is an essential part of our review process. The KCI is running Blended FAME, which is 30 hours face-to-face with the remaining 30 hours online. The program also includes orientation, two additional units through coursework in LINC courses at Foothill College, and four follow-up sessions in the academic year. The FAME application is competitive for the 30 places for the program. THIS PROGRAM TAKES PLACE IN ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA

Please complete this online form for all of your teachers no later than April 30. This form's Web address is bit.ly/FAME2019principal

Briefly, applicants to FAME are interested in learning new pedagogical methods and educational technology skills for teaching and learning the most challenging pre-algebra, algebra, and transformational geometry concepts. We highly anticipate teachers will return to their schools with fresh ideas for improving their own teaching and improving your school’s mathematics professional learning community.

FAME is sponsored by the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College.

The Blended program meets May 18, 2019 and 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 and 7/25, and 7/26. The four follow-up sessions are typically on a Saturday in October, November, February, and March of the academic year. FAME participants meet at Alameda and continue with follow-on sessions and PLCs in the academic year. For more information about FAME, please visit our website: www.krauseinnovationcenter.org/programs/fame .

Your responses in this online form will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions about this request for support of your teacher or the FAME program, in general, please contact Lisa DeLapo, Innovator in Residence at the Krause Center for Innovation (ldelapo@krauseinnovationcenter.org) or call 650-949-7010.

Thank you for your support your teacher(s).

The FAME Leadership Team

Lisa DeLapo
Innovator in Residence, Krause Center for Innovation

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