French Nature Camp Registration Form
Our Sooke District Chapter of Canadian Parents for French is pleased to bring our students a wonderful French Nature Camp available locally in the Sooke School District-SD62 during March Break 2017. This would be ideal for our French Immersion students to help build their language skills while connecting with nature and learning unique skills. We will have two different day time weekly camps available, both weeks will be for students that are 7-11 years old (aprox. gr 2-6). The camp will be held at the wonderful Camp Barnard located at 3202 Young Lake Rd, Sooke, BC V9Z 0J6.

French is the language of communication to be used during the camps. Campers/students are expected to speak to the staff, volunteers, and other students only in French for the duration of the camp. It can truly make a difference for language skills as they will be speaking as one would daily verses reading from text, which was very impactful for those that participated in the past. In addition to the French Only rule, students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while at camp. Rules and expectations will be emailed to you for the students and parents/guardians. In general, students are expected to follow instruction, participate in all activities, cooperate with camp staff and other students and demonstrate goodwill and respect towards other students and the facility.

The Program:
Bring your own water and lunch, please be aware of allergy foods as you would for school lunches and dress for the weather. Lead instructor is First Aid certified and a first-aid kit and emergency phone with reception are available at all times.

Skills taught & practiced:
6 foundations: food, water, fire, shelter, safety, and navigation, all based on our relationship and responsibility to the plants, animals, and environment. Lots of games and things to think about plus solo, partner, and group explorations and challenges.

Other activities
Opening circle, workshops, games and other activities, cleanup, and closing circle. .

Groups and Schedule:
-Aigle et saumon (eagle and salmon): March 20-24, 9 am - 4 pm daily, for our new campers **FULL** no longer accepting registrations.
-Loup et corbeau (wolf and raven): March 27-31, 9 am - 4 pm daily, **No EXPERIENCE needed, still accepting registrations.

No accommodation - day camp. Parents bring their kids to camp at the start of the day and pick them up at the end of the day.

Transportation on site is all by walking. We’ll have a base camp with shelter in case of rain, where we can continue doing activities and have our meals and snacks. Make sure your child has appropriate foot wear.

**Up to 20 students per week will be accepted. Space is limited, in order to reserve your child's spot please submit this form along with the appropriate payment in full as soon as possible. Spots will be secured on first come, first served basis.

A valid CPF Membership is required for registration for insurance purposes. If you do not hold one you will need to pay the difference of a one year membership and we will submit the application on our end once your registration for the camp is received.

The cost will be depending whether you hold a valid CPF Membership or not.
With a valid CPF Membership the fee for the one week camp-all inclusive is a total of 150.00$/child.
Without a valid CPF Membership the fee for the one week camp-all inclusive is a total of 175.00$/child.

Twin rate- 2 campers only from the same household with a valid CPF Membership is a total of $250.00
Twin rate- 2 campers only from the same household without a valid CPF Membership is a total of $275.00

Cancellation Policy:
You will have one week to cancel your child's registration, this period will commence once both payment and registration form is received. All registrations will be time stamped. A cancellation fee of 25$ will apply with any cancellations within the cancellation period. After the one week period is over, a total of seven full days including weekends, no refunds will be granted. Membership fees are not refundable with our Chapter. No cancellations or refunds will be allowed within one week of the starting time of the chosen camp. Please understand that in registering your child you agree to this cancellation policy.

CPF Memberships:
If you do not have one, we will ask that you pay the difference of a one year membership so that our chapter can register you via mail with our National Office upon registration of these camps.
You can also save this step and apply for a membership online at under the "Join Us" section. Please be sure to register under the Sooke School District-SD62 to properly allocate the funds to support your child. Applying for a membership online should provide you a membership number immediately(once paid) to then register for the camp as someone with a valid membership.

Payment methods:

1)By Mail: Please send cheques written out to “Canadian Parents for French” to
CPF Sooke Treasurer
2985 Alouette Drive
Victoria, BC V9B 0M6

2)By Paypal: A transfer of funds (to family or friends) to using with a note attached including your name, contact information, and what it is for (we do not accept direct email transfers)

A little bit about the Camp Instructor:
Forest has been leading groups and individuals of all ages on learning adventures for 16 years. Starting in Quebec as an environmental educator with schools and community groups, he has traveled all over Canada bush-camping, foraging, farming and otherwise getting to know the people and places. He has long worked with indigenous communities and is also trained as a massage therapist. Since coming to BC, he has continued working in human health and environmental stewardship, working with the plants and animals of this region including all the harvesting and processing skills. Last year he produced a surplus of wild meat, fish, seafood, fruit, salad greens, edible mushrooms, and medicinal teas. Among other partnerships he is a regular teacher with the University of Victoria Wilderness Skills Club. He loves cultivating confidence and wonder in people, from beginners looking to slow down and get to know nature and themselves better, to those interested in meeting all their needs in the wild.

For additional information and contact information:
Camp Coordinator: Cendra Beaton Email:

To mail in your registration form (if not submitting online) or payment in full (cheque) please mail it to the following:
CPF Sooke Chapter Treasurer
2985 Alouette Drive
Victoria, BC V9B 0M6

Please print this form for your records.

*If you prefer to submit this form by mail instead of online, you are welcomed to print this form and mail it to the CPF Sooke Chapter Treasurer along with your payment in full.
Which weekly day camp are you registering your child for: *
Please select which week.
Full legal name of student/child participating in the French Nature Camp: *
Starting with first name, middle name, and ending with family name.
Address of the participating student/child: *
Street, unit, city, province, and postal code required.
Telephone contact in case of an emergency: *
Include the name of the emergency contact.
Name and address of the student's parents or legal guardians: *
If both parents or legal guardian reside at the same address, please include both full legal names.
If there is a parent or legal guardian at different location than the one listed above, please provide their information here:
If both parents and legal guardians reside at the same address, there is no need to fill this out.
Please provide the name and phone number of the student's physician: *
What is the student's Care Card Number: *
Is there any medical conditions or allergies that we should be aware of: *
If no, please write N/A
What is the date of birth of the student: *
What grade is the student currently in at school: *
Only a number is required.
Which School is the student currently registered and attending: *
I hereby release CPF, it's officers, employees, and contracted staff connected with the CPF Camps from all liability for the damage resulting from the participation of my child or ward in CPF camps. *
Please write your name in full as parent or legal guardian of the child you are registering for the French Nature Camp to agree with this statement.
Email contact for parent or legal guardian: *
Please include both parents or guardians, if applicable. Will will send you a confirmation email once the payment in full is received with the registration form.
Do you hold a valid CPF Membership? *
Please find the question below based on your answer of this question and reply to the appropriate one.
If you selected that "yes" you do have a valid CPF Membership, please provide the name of the Membership holder and the Membership number:
With a valid Membership, the total cost will be 150.00$/ child.
If you selected that "no" you do not have a valid CPF Membership, you hereby allow the Camp Coordinator to register you for a one year CPF Membership and understand that this is necessary for insurance purposes for the campers.
Please write your name in full as parent or legal guardian of the child you are registering for the French Nature Camp to agree with this statement. Your registration fee will now be a total of 175.00$ /child so that it can be inclusive of the cost of a new one year CPF Membership.
Submitting your payment in full, please follow the instructions and indicate which method of payment you are using: *
Please chose your method of payment used to pay in full for your child. No cash or email transfers will be accepted. Only a cheque or a paypal transfer of funds will be accepted. **Paypal- to avoid a fee, please select to transfer to friends or family.
Are you registering a child and paying in full with a valid CPF Membership or without a membership? *
Please select the correct amount due that you will be sending with your registration form or once completed. Please see the information above as to where to mail forms or cheques.
I hereby understand that my child may be exposed to the media, be photographed, or be in videos while participating in activities related to this camp. These materials would be shared with the families of the students involved in the camp and possibly for promotional purposes of the camp. *
Please write your name in full as parent or legal guardian of the child you are registering for the French Nature Camp to agree with this statement.
Please write the name(s) in full and the relation to your child of those authorized to pick up your child from camp. *
We will only release your child at the end of camp to those listed here for safety reasons.
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