Madison Circus Space Renter's Agreement
You are making this agreement with:
Madison Circus Space
2082 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704

All rates may earn $5/hour stackable discounts for:
• Renting prior to 5:00 pm on a weekday (non prime-time hours)
• Renting as a nonprofit organization
• Renting for an activity that has at least 50% youth (under age 18) participation

Available only in select circumstances; please inquire

$15/hour flat fee (up to three students, includes one rig point if needed)

DANCE STUDIO (lower level, approx 1200 sqft)
$40/hour entire private studio
$25/hour half studio

UPPER STUDIO (second floor, approx 2250 sqft)
$60/hour entire private studio
$35/hour half studio
Per rig point: $15 for first point and $7.50 for each additional point

MAIN ROOM (approx 4000 sqft)
$80/hour entire room
$30/hour ground class
$30/hour flying trapeze class
$25/hour per truss beam (includes up to three rig points 7’ apart)

All regular renters must keep a credit card on file for automatic billing. Rent must be paid by the 7th of the month following your rental (i.e. rentals in June must be paid by July 7th) or according to arrangement in advance with the MCS treasurer, Danielle Lee ( You are expected to keep your own records of all payments that you make to MCS.

As a renter, you agree to:
• Prioritize safety at all times and abide by all MCS safety policies and procedures.
• Sign an MCS waiver and ensure that all of your participants do the same.
• Respect all MCS members practicing in the space during your rental time.
• Respect all members of the MCS community in personal interactions and written communications. Refrain from bullying behavior such as name-calling, blaming others, abuse, discrimination, threatening, spreading rumors or misinformation, disregarding policies and rules, and manipulative behavior.
• Lock the doors and turn off all lights, speakers, and sound system when you leave if there are no members still present.
• Obtain permission from the MCS board ( before storing equipment at the space or making any temporary or permanent modifications to the space.
• Refrain from touching or using any equipment that is not your own and is not communal.
• Keep the MCS completely alcohol-free and substance-free, and ensure your participants do the same.
• Never bring animals, fire, or fire props (unless props are unlit and wicks are covered) into the space.
• Leave no trace. Clean up trash from your activities and participants; return everything to its proper place.
• Notify within 48 hours of an incident if any participant (or instructor) injuries take place during your activity that require follow-up care from a medical professional.
• Notify or call a board member as soon as possible if you have concerns or problems related to your rental.
• Actively supervise participants in your activities throughout your entire rental time.
• Maintain appropriate liability insurance for your event or activity, if required by MCS.

You may:
• Control lighting and sound in the space during your rental time, in coordination with other renters if applicable.
• Use more than your reserved space if no MCS members are present, with the understanding that you will need to condense to what you have reserved as soon as a member or another renter shows up.
• Move equipment, with care, as long as you return it to its original location at the end of your rental time.

Failure to comply with any of these terms may result in termination of your rental permissions.

I have read and understand the above terms and conditions and will act in accordance with them.

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