Partner Input Survey: Wisconsin Public Education Network 2022 Planning Survey

Please help us assess our 2020-2021 work and generate ideas for 2022 and beyond.

After a wild year, IT'S TIME TO UPDATE OUR PLAN for taking the high road, staying focused, and meeting our goals of making real change for kids. Our goal is to TAKE ACTION that gets results.

To do this, we need an aspirational vision, clear and attainable goals, and a plan that works --- a plan that brings new people in, a plan we WANT to put into action both together and where we live, a plan we can get excited about.

We welcome creative, forward thinking, and big ideas to inform our work. We need fresh ideas for both things we can do independently and locally and things we can do collectively as a statewide Network.

We ask that you make recommendations you are personally willing to participate in. Please do NOT make recommendations in the vein of "you should do ____" or "other people should do ____ but I personally would not do that." We want our actions to inspire courage, be contagious, make others want to join us. We need our actions to help us build our movement to support Wisconsin students.

Please note that we have already named nonpartisan advocacy around the spring and fall elections, teaching the truth and advancing support for accuracy and equity in education, and supporting the drawing of nonpartisan legislative maps as priorities for 2022.  

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Planning input and partner goals
Please help us assess the work of the past year and think forward to develop a sound plan for 2022.
LOCAL ACTION: What's working? What did your group or organization do locally in 2021 that was most effective?
Please assess our 2020-2021 events efforts so far. *
Very helpful or effective
Moderately helpful or effective
Not at all helpful or effective
Did not participate or cannot assess
Budget Action Workshops
Budget Actions (rallies, press events, etc)
Budget HQ web resources
WPEN in the news (earned media)
Equity in Action Workshop Series
Regular meetings of network partners
Summer Summit
Pre-Summit Equity Leadership Circle/reading group
Digital Advocacy tools and resources
Regional support for local action teams/individuals/districts
Spring 2020 Vote Public campaign
State Superintendent forums and Election HQ
WPEN social media presence & information-sharing
Email communications and newsletters
Website resources (
STATEWIDE/COLLECTION ACTION (Budget Action and Equity in Action campaigns): What collective action or statewide impact did WPEN partners take/make in 2021 that was most useful or effective locally (ie that most helped your group or community)?
What's not working? What didn't we do, or what didn't we do well, either on the state or local levels? What are we not doing that we need to do?
What are your main goals for 2022? [if your group/organization hasn't named these yet, just list your PERSONAL goals]
NONPARTISAN ELECTION ADVOCACY: Assuming our winter/spring 2022 actions will be largely virtual, what can we do to maximize our reach, impact and capacity around spring and fall elections? Please be creative and think big!
What other actions would you like to see public education advocacy partners take in 2022 and beyond?
What could Wisconsin Public Education Network staff do to better support your local advocacy efforts?
Do you use our website? If so, please tell us what you find useful and what would make it mores. If not, what would make it more valuable?
Are you a contributing partner of the Network?
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Anything else you want us to know? Comments/Questions/Ideas
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