Grassfed Exchange Host Application
Before filling this application out, please familiarize with our Mission Statement and Ethos on our website, Our conference is the lead educational arm of the grass-fed industry and we strive to identify with others who have the ability to facilitate educational programming throughout the United States.
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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Please tell us who you are, your background and involvement in the grass-fed industry and what level of commitment do you have in hosting the conference if accepted.
Please explain why the GFE should come to your area?
 Is the grass-fed industry strong in your area? What could producers gain from hosting the conference in your region?
Suggested Farm Tours?
An important component of the conference are on-farm producer tours. Please give an idea of what the tours would look like in your area?
What themes do you propose the conference focusing on?  How many attendees do you envision?
What conference site do you propose?
In addition to site location, what is the projected cost of lodging, conference room, audio/visual, etc?
Can you source adequate local protein for the conference?
Food is an important component to the tour and conference.  We place a great emphasis on sourcing grass-fed proteins that are local along with snacks and side items.  Can you source adequate local protein for the conference? What is the projected overall cost for meals and preparation, does the venue allow the food to be brought on-site?  Do you envision food being donated to the conference?
Proposed Sponsorships?
In order for the GFE conference to break even, we must rely on conference sponsorship. What types of sponsorship and amount do you envision for the proposed venue site?
Are there any other specific reasons that make your proposed site one to consider for an upcoming GFE conference?
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