Village Church Hampden Needs Request Form
The Village Church in Hampden (3647 Roland Ave) has a benevolence fund set aside for those who are in need. Due to a limitation of funds, we may not be able to help everybody, and we prioritize those who we are already relationally connected with and those who live in the 21211 zip code.

Please share any needs or difficult situations you may have. We will then follow up with your responses, have a conversation about your situation, and pray for you. Depending on the situation, we may also have a process of verifying the information provided to ensure that everything is accurate. If financial assistance is approved, then we will contact you with next steps. Please note that we never give out cash. We strive to directly provide for the immediate need at hand. Our ultimate goal is to help you to obtain long-term health and self-sustainability.

Phone Number: 443-595-6447
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