DreamCatcher Readership Survey
Hey guys! This survey is just to gauge what kinds of people read the comic and what you like and dislike about it. Most of the questions aren't mandatory, but I'd appreciate it if you answered as many as possible!
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What would you say your favorite part of the comic is? (Art, story, characters, etc.)
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Who is your favorite character, and why?
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Who is your least favorite character, and why?
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What are the story/character questions you have that you want answered before the end?
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What is the most interesting part of the story to you?
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How likely would you be to read another comic by the same creator?
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I definitely would!
Do you read other webcomics? *
What are a few of your favorite comics, movies, books, or TV shows?
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What genre(s) would you consider DreamCatcher to be?
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How would you describe DreamCatcher to a friend who hasn't read it?
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Have you ever had any issues with the website? If so, what?
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How likely are you to recommend DreamCatcher to someone else to read? *
Not at all.
I already have!
What part of the comic, in your opinion, could use the most improvement? (Feel free to be specific--i.e. "the backgrounds could be drawn better")
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Do you ship anyone? ;)
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What would you most like to see happen in future chapters?
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Do you follow the creator anywhere else?
Would you ever commission the artist, donate, support a Patreon, or otherwise support the comic financially?
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