Club Start-up Grant Application
Start-up Grants gives a new club an opportunity to develop and grow. New clubs and organizations ratified by the
Students’ Union are eligible for a one-time Start-up Grant. These guidelines must be followed to apply for a Start-up
1. A Start-up Grant cannot be used to purchase alcohol.
2. Each newly constituted club that has not been ratified within the past three years shall be eligible
for a Start-up Grant to a maximum of $200.00.
3. Applicants must provide The Students’ Union with a letter of intent and a proposed budget of
how the money is going to be used.
4. The allocation of any Start-up Grant is subject to The Students’ Union approval and the
availability of funds.
5. A club may only apply for a Start-up Grant once.
6. Once a Start-up Grant has been approved, the VP Internal may request a follow-up report,
including receipts, which must be provided within two weeks of the request.

Please attach the following:
1. Letter of Intent
2. A complete budget detailing all costs to which the Students’ Union would be contributing.
4. Proof of an active BMO account.

Club Name *
Contact Person *
Phone # *
E-mail Address *
Date of event
If applicable
Letter of Intent *
Please make the file name as followed: Clubname_Intent. Example: ULSU_Intent
Complete Budget *
Detail all costs to which the Students' Union would contribute. Maximun of $200. Please make the file name as followed: Clubname_Budget. Example: ULSU_Budget
Proof of Active BMO Account *
Please make the file name as followed: Clubname_BMO. Example: ULSU_BMO
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