Release Blitz - Sleigh Duty by L.M. Brown
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Release Date: December 7, 2019
Genre/s: Paranormal / Shifter M/M Romance
Themes: Family ties, Christmas
Heat Rating: 1 flame out of 5
Length: 13 974 words/ 44 pages
It is a standalone story.



Can a reindeer shifter find love this Christmas?


Being called upon to pull Santa’s sleigh is an honour for any reindeer shifter, but for Dashiel the timing couldn’t be worse.

Stuart was looking forward to his Christmas Eve date with Dashiel, only to have him cancel at the last minute. He puts his disappointment aside and instead focuses on making his younger brother’s Christmas as wonderful as it can be, despite the loss of their parents the previous winter.

While flying over his home town, Dashiel spots a young boy on the streets, and he knows he has to help. When the young runaway turns out to be his date’s little brother, he brings him on board the sleigh, determined to see him safely home to Stuart.

Can a reindeer shifter pull Santa’s sleigh, reunite two brothers, and find love this Christmas?

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