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We invite you and your child to become a Beta tester for The Affinity online adventure game! As a tester, you'll have the opportunity to read a digital comic book with your child, play games, take challenges to the real world, contribute back to the community through WIKIs entries, earn a certificate of completion, and help us improve the game!

Estimated Start of Testing: Jan. 1, 2017

To learn more about The Affinity and IsoDynamic Inc., visit our Web site at www.IsoDynamic.com/index.php/autism-new-approaches. Email us at info@IsoDynamic.com with any questions or comments.

The protection and well-being of your child is of special concern to us. Because The Affinity asks you and your child for contributions to the community, we ask you to certify that you are registering in that spirit.

Note that your email will be used as your login ID for the game and for occasional contact regarding the game. We will never sell or release your email or any personal information that you provide. Our sole intent is know a bit more about you so we can analyze results and improve the game.

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