Bioenergy industry stakeholders’ survey - prioritising GIS based biomass resource information
The ABBA Project:

The Australian biomass for bioenergy assessment project (ABBA) aims to deliver a national database of biomass resources for bioenergy across Australia. Detailed historic data on the types, volumes, quality and locations of potential bioenergy feedstock in each state are being collected. This data will be presented through the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI) interface - a GIS based system for accessing information on renewable energy resources in Australia. The ABBA project will assist bioenergy project development by providing technical, financial and logistical decision-making support in relation to the nature and availability of biomass resources and relevant infrastructure in Australia. Both ABBA and the broader AREMI projects are funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (

This survey:

The University of the Sunshine Coast and Queensland University of Technology will be developing analytical tools which will be made available through the AREMI interface. These tools will enable current and prospective biomass producers or users to set up and evaluate regionally specific biomass availability scenarios. A number of potential analytical outputs are currently being considered for implementation in AREMI. This survey seeks your feedback on the usefulness to stakeholders of the following proposed analytical outputs for a user-defined geographic region.

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