2019 UTM BCM Mission Trip INFO
2019 will be a GREAT YEAR of UTM BCM Missions and serving the Kingdom of God around the World! As a Reminder, HERE ARE THE DEPOSIT AMOUNTS FOR THE MISSION TRIPS:
2019 UTM BCM Mission Trip
*StreetReach Deposit-$100 (Due Dec. 31)
*BeachReach Deposit-$100 (Due Dec. 31)
*Puerto Rico Deposit-$400 (Due Dec. 31)

*Nashville Deposit-$75 (Due April 1)
*Maine Deposit-$400 (Due Dec. 31)
*Haiti Deposit-$800 (Due Dec. 31)

THIS PROCESS WILL TAKE ONLY 5-7 MINUTES. ALL INFORMATION IS VITAL. Please read & provide important information for us to prepare for the trip and help make your trip financially possible.

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If "Yes", where have you served?
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We're EXCITED about your desire to participate in a UTM BCM Mission Trip! We hope you understand that the purpose for these trips is to give college students the opportunity to share the gospel around the world. These are not sight-seeing trips. Every trip will have activities that are the specific reason for each mission project. We desire that every person involved takes seriously the following. . . . . 1. Spirit of cooperation 2. Positive attitude 3. Respect for the Team Leader 4. Flexibility while on the trip. These are going to be AMAZING Mission Trips!!! Do you Understand & Commit to the expectations mentioned above? *
Do you understand that you are responsible for the COST of your Mission Trip and that it is expected of you to turn in deposits and remaining balances when they are due? *
To assist you with the COST for your Mission Trips, we will send a letter to your HOME CHURCH to request financial assistance. We are very successful at helping this way. Would you like for us to contact your HOME CHURCH? *
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