Host a Techfest Dinner!
Each dinner has 8-12 guests connected by something they have in common.

Things like:
- living in the same neighborhood
- career phase
- cultural background
- doing similar work
- or host’s choice!

Hosts make sure everything goes smoothly, guide the conversation and are the glue that hold the group together.

Hosting a dinner doesn’t mean you need a big apartment or that you’ll pay for everyone’s meal. You are committing to bringing a group together and leading a conversation, whether you organize a potluck at home, or make a reservation.

The Techfest Club team is committed to supporting you and want to make sure dinners are extra helpful for those who raise their hand to host.

We'll ask you a few questions here to learn more about you and schedule your dinner.

If you have questions or want to know more, email

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What hosting option would work best for you? *
Dinners are usually 7-9pm during the week. We can help with menu planning and restaurant picking!
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At the moment, we are scheduling dinners for February - April 2019
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