Alliance of Black Doulas for Black Mamas Application
For Black Women, by Black Women
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Thank you for your interest in our labor support doula training program.  Applications for the Fall 2022 training are now being accepted.  If you're interested in being considered, please complete the application below.  You will receive an invitation to our information session some time in the summer.  
Name (first and last) *
Do you identify as Black? *
Street Address *
City, State and Zipcode *
Cell Phone Number *
Are you able to send and receive text messages? *
Email Address? *
How did you hear about Alliance of Black Doulas for Black Mamas? *
Are you currently employed? *
If you are employed, please provide information on the type of work you do, including your work schedule. (ie your work days and hours). *
Birth is very unpredictable and requires a 24hr commitment.  Are you able to commit to being available to the laboring mother anytime at a moments notice, 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Are you able to be to her within 45 minutes of her call (including in the middle of a work day and the middle of the night)?  Please consider childcare and work obligations when answering this question. *
What is your highest level of education? *
All of the trainings are on the weekends:  Friday evenings, all day Saturday and some Sundays.  The trainings are 8 consecutive weekends starting September 23, 2022.  You will be required to attend all of the training session.  Are you able to commit to attending ALL training sessions? *
If no, please explain any situation that may pose an issue.
Do you have your own reliable transportation? *
Do you have children? *
If yes, how many children do you have?
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If you have children, did you have a labor support doula at any of your births?
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If you have children but did not have a doula, how was your birth experience without a doula?
If you have children and had a doula, how was your birth experience with a doula?
What is your definition of a doula? *
In your own words, what service(s) does a doula provide? *
What are the benefits of having a doula? *
Who could benefit from having a labor support doula? *
When was the first time you thought about becoming a doula? *
What has prevented you from becoming a labor support doula? *
To your knowledge, what is involved in becoming a labor support doula? *
A doula meets the needs of the laboring person, including laboring at home before coming to the hospital.  Are you comfortable laboring with a patient at their home? *
We are still in the midst of a pandemic. How would you feel if the patient you were assigned at any point tested positive for COVID-19 before delivery or on admission to the hospital?  Would you be comfortable supporting her in labor? *
Are you fully vaccinated against COVID19? *
Have you received the COVID booster?
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As a doula you will be considered a maternal healthcare workers assisting pregnant women and their infants.  Do you have any objections to getting the COVID-19 vaccine? *
Do you have any additional information you would like to add to your application?
Do you have any food restrictions (i.e., GF, Vegan, specific food related allergies, etc)? *
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