Foster Carer Registration Form
Thank you for applying to be a foster carer. Our preferred criteria for foster carers are:

You live within about an hour of either Cardiff/Newport - this is so we can provide support as needed.

All resident animals MUST be neutered and up to date with vaccinations. If there is a medical reason why this is not possible please include details in your application.

We do not generally place animals in foster homes where there are children under 5 - we will however consider homes with young children as pup foster homes.

Foster dogs should not be left for more than 4 hours a day on a regular basis, 2 hours for pups.

As foster dogs may not be housetrained, upper floor flats are not generally suitable. You will also need a safe, enclosed garden.

Thank you for your support, we will be in touch as soon as we can. If possible, please include a landline number to help keep our costs down.


Your personal data will only be used in connection with your application to become a foster carer. Four Paws will never pass your information to any third party not connected to the process and the details will not be used for marketing purposes. All data is password protected and only accessed by relevant members of the Four Paws team.

We may contact your vets to confirm neutering/vaccination status of any resident animals.

If you would like to be removed from this database at any point or have any concerns about our Privacy Policy please email us -

The Four Paws Team

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We are only able to accept foster carers who live less than an hour of Cardiff/Newport
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To keep our costs down, please include a landline number if possible
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How many children live in your household? *
Please include ages. Please note that we do not place dogs in foster homes where there are children under 5
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Number of hours a foster dog will regularly be left alone? *
Please give full details of work hours/patterns for all adults in the household
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Add ages and sex of animals. Please also include vet details including phone number, we will check neuter/vaccination status.
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If there are dogs and cats in the home are they neutered? *
Please note we require all resident animals in foster homes to be neutered
Are the current animals fully vaccinated? *
This is required and proof will be required during homecheck visits
What Foster Animal Would Suit You?
These questions mainly apply to those looking to foster dogs
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What size of animal is preferrable? *
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Would you consider fostering a dog with health problems? *
Would you consider fostering a dog with behavioural problems *
Are you available to foster all year round *
Do you have your own transport? *
You will need to be able to take your foster dog to the vet if needed, and also to re-homing events
Are you computer literate? *
We will ask that you update your foster dogs homing thread on our forum - help can be given if needed
Do you have a safe & enclosed garden? *
What type of property do you live in? *
Upper floor flats are unfortunately not suitable due to housetraining requirements.
Additional Information?
Please add in here anything else you think is relevant, including what attracted you to fostering.
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