Ravalli County 4-H/FFA Market Livestock Sale Buyer’s Registration
Please fill this form out for use in Ravalli County to manage the online livestock sale.

Livestock Sale Disposition Rules and Regulations
1. You must register as a buyer before you bid on livestock at: https://jerrycollinsauctions.hibid.com/
2. At the end of the auction you may pay for purchased livestock with a credit card (fees apply) or you will receive in invoice from https://jerrycollinsauctions.hibid.com/ at the close of the sale. Payment is due upon receipt of your statement.
3. If you choose to have your animal resold, you will be billed for the difference of sale price per pound and the resale (floor price) price per pound. Please provide a phone number you can be reached at on Saturday, September 5th at the close of the sale.

To assist with the smooth running of the sale, please contact Mary Koenen, 4-H Livestock Administrator at 406-239-4809 or 4hmary@gmail.com with any questions.

We look forward to a great sale this year. Thanks for your support!
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Name of Livestock Processor - Please note: Animals donated to food banks must be processed at a state licensed retail processor (Hamilton Pack or Lolo Locker) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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