Climate Fixathon Project Submission
Hey guys! Please complete this form by 23:59 PT on Friday 30th August in order to be considered for awards and prizes. Our judges will be using the details you provide here to learn about your project before casting their votes.

Only one member of each team should complete this form.
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This must be the URL that judges should use to test your project. It can be a staging URL.
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If you haven't already, add your product on Makerlog. Make sure to add your team members on the team tab and to the Fixathon event on the event tab. You can do so here -
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Is your project deployed to ZEIT? *
This is to determine if you are eligible to win the ZEIT cash prize.
Setting up for success
Our judges will be visiting your project URL with little to no knowledge of your project. We recommend spending a bit of time to ensure when they land on your website they can quickly understand what the purpose of your product is and how it works. While not essential, it's also a good idea to create an 'about your project' blog post or page that explains why you made your project and what you hope it can achieve going forward.
About your project post URL
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Project testing instructions
If our judges will require further instructions on how to test your project please provide them here. For example, do you need to pay to test your full experience? If so please provide a description of how your project can be tested via a staging environment with test card details or login to an account already setup. Is your project a native app? If so please provide a link to a video walkthrough in addition to your app as not all judges will have access to the required device. If you're confident your project URL does a good enough job you can leave this blank, however, we recommend providing guidance so the judges know what they should test.
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