[Valley Village] 2019 Mentorship Interest Form
Thanks for your interest in the Steve & Kate's Mentorship program. Before submitting your information, we ask all prospective Mentees and their parents to review these Mentorship Expectations together to make sure the program is what you’re looking for and you're clear on what's expected of you:

-Mentees are not Staff members. They cannot direct or discipline campers or be left alone with campers. Their primary function is to be role models to our campers and support Steve & Kate’s staff, while learning about camp in the process.

-Mentees are always expected to follow the Steve & Kate's Camper responsibilities: Be Safe, Be Respectful (of yourself and others) and Take Care (of equipment and the Camp environment)

-For program consistency, Mentees must commit to a minimum of 5 days (many Directors require these to be consecutive). They should keep Directors informed of any changes they need to make (if any) once their summer schedule is agreed upon.

-While being a Mentee can be very fun, at times it may require putting the fun of the campers ahead of your own. While we try our best to have Mentees help lead activities they are excited about, and to give them some choice throughout the day, there may be times when the needs of the campers or camp staff will take priority.

-Mentees will not necessarily have a single staff member who’s instructing them or “mentoring” them throughout the day but more so engaging with them side by side. Mentees should be self-motivated, able to identify ways to help at camp and stay on task on their own without a lot of direction. Their experience will mostly be determined by what they make of it and what they put into it.

-The lunch and snacks we provide to Campers will also be available for Mentees at no additional cost, but please be aware that they will only be receiving a child-sized portion. So if that's not going to be enough to fill them up, they should bring additional nut-free food from home to supplement the Camp offerings and portions.

-If a prospective Mentee is accepted into the program, their parent(s) will then need to complete the online camper registration process before they can attend. They will receive a code from their Director that enables them to access the reduced Mentee pricing while registering. First-time Mentees must pay a daily fee to participate, and returning Mentees who are invited back are welcome to join for free (but are still required to register).

-If a Mentee is struggling with any of the above-mentioned expectations, interfering with the staff’s ability to deliver a safe and positive experience for campers or generally detracting from the overall camp experience, they may be asked to no longer participate mid-summer.

By clicking next, the prospective Mentee and their parents are acknowledging that they understand the expectations of the Mentorship program. After completing this Information Form, you may be asked to complete additional steps to help determine whether you can participate, including but not limited to a phone call or meeting with the Director and other program participants. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed and you may be denied participation by the Director.

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