Sparklis usability survey
The objective of this survey is to evaluate the usability of Sparklis, an application for the exploration of Linked Open Data (LOD). LOD is available on the Web through so-called "SPARQL endpoints", and in this survey, you will explore DBpedia, which contains billions of facts on people, films, places, buildings, etc. Sparklis is designed to be easy-to-use, and does not require any knowledge of the stuff behind above acronyms (SPARQL, LOD).

Sparklis will guide you step-by-step in the formulation of queries, which are presented to you in English. At each step, Sparklis will suggest you lists of query elements that can be inserted into the question to refine your search. You can search among the lists of suggestions by auto-completion with the text fields at the top of each list. Query results are given at each step in the form of a table.

Please, watch this demo/tutorial of Sparklis before starting the survey.
All the information you will enter in this form will be kept anonymous.
This survey results are expected to be used in public research papers and reports as an evaluation of Sparklis.
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