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Hi, I am Dhruv, one of the people behind BookSirens. We are software engineers who also aspire to publish books one day. We are interested in building software tools which help us and likeminded authors in our book publishing journeys.

We'd like to learn about your experience with sending out ARCs (advanced review copies). If you are unfamiliar, an ARC campaign involves distributing free copies of your book, usually before launch, with the hope that a reader will leave a review on launch day.

In return, you will get the following:
- Unlimited access to our book blogger directory:
- Preferred access to our ARC service if you join the waitlist here:

We will NOT share your email with anyone.

I hope we have been transparent enough, and we are looking forward to working with you!

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How many distinct ARC campaigns have you done in the last 12 months? *
How many readers received your last ARC? *
How did you find these readers? If you haven't sent an ARC, answer N/A. *
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If you leverage your own reader mailing list, how many readers are on it? Answer N/A if you don't use a mailing list. *
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What is your criteria for deciding if a reader gets an ARC from you? If you haven't sent an ARC, what would be your criteria if you were to send one? *
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Approx. what % of your ARC readers left a review for your last ARC? *
How do you manage / send files / gather feedback / send reminders / followup with your ARC readers? If you haven't sent an ARC, answer N/A. *
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Do you use a service to manage a part or all of your ARC campaign needs? If yes, which one and how much do you pay? If you haven't sent an ARC, answer N/A. *
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What does a successful ARC campaign look like to you? *
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Approx. when is your next ARC campaign scheduled for?
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