Song Suggestions To Play for Class
If you would like to have a song used for class- or something that you feel is great/fun music to dance to, please either place some information below to have Johnson add it to the class playlist. Please fill out the answers to as many questions as possible- but several are OPTIONAL.
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Title of Song *
Artist *
URL Link to the song- specific version *
If you are using a Youtube link- please try to check and see if it is a legitimate link- so it won't be taken down
Did you Email the song separately to Instructor?
(It is not required that you email a copy of the song- but sometimes that is easier than posting a URL Link. If you did email- please click YES and type in the address where you emailed it- under 'Other'. so I can look for it)
Style of dance or combination for which this song would be good.
You Might want to look up descriptions of these dance styles if you are unfamiliar with them
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What is the 'Dance Meter' of the song
Remember for 'Dance Meter' you should be able to tell how you count the song....
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What do you envision us doing to this song for class
(Good tempo for Non-classical ballet pre-class Pirouettes...Good for Jazz Walks... Great Upbeat across the floor Music for Modern Dance-- Great Relaxing Stretch Music-- Inspirational. Really Funny song- You have to hear this!!!! ) (It's okay if you don't know the answer to this, and you just want to have it played in class for something.)
If you don't know what this means- be sure you find out- before you post your song. ( We have covered this in class- and a 'reminder' hint can be found on the Studio Etiquette sheet on this page-- )
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