Tri-Valley 2020 Pre-Registration Form
Tri-Valley CUSD 3 is asking every parent/guardian to complete the following form for each child they are planning to enroll for the 2020-21 school year. We are asking that all parents/guardians become very familiar with the guidelines and expectations that the district will have in place so that an informed decision can be made for their student(s) as we begin the school year. The deadline for completing this form is AUGUST 14th.

The district needs all parent/guardians to participate in this process due to the impact on staffing and planning processes during this pandemic. Our purpose is to ensure that all students are provided the best and most appropriate education possible as we open schools as normally and safely as possible.

Please complete a separate form for each student. The Return to Learn options are linked here
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I have read the Tri-Valley back to school guidelines and am familiar with what the school environment may look like for children who would attend in-person instruction on a daily basis. *
Based on the current district guidelines, I am choosing the following option for my child for the Fall of 2020. *
If you are choosing online learning, my decision is best described by the following statement...
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