Baldman Games Anonymous Misconduct Reporting
Use this form to report violations of the BMG Code of Conduct without needing to leave personal information. Our code of conduct can be found here.
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Where did the misconduct happen? (optional)
Please include the name of the event. 
For virtual events, include the table number and/or discord channel name. 
For in-person events, include the table number and/or conference hall name.
When did the misconduct happen? (optional) 
Please include the date and time, including a time zone. If this happened during a slot at BMG event, please include the slot number. 
Who was involved in the misconduct? (optional)
For virtual events, please include the discord IDs of the other participants.
If you previously reached out for help with this instance of misconduct before submitting a report on this form, who did you reach out to? (optional)
For example, your GM or other BMG event staff. 
Write a summary of the misconduct with as many details as you are comfortable providing to us. *
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