Schedule a Solar Power for IoT Conversation
We've helped hundreds of engineers, scientists and designers power sensors and microcontrollers in remote locations. If you want to have a short (non-salesy) phone or email conversation, please give us a few pieces of information about your system and we will help you size your system to keep it running 24x7 and point you to design resources if needed.
What does the system need to power? *
What is the system doing (measuring air quality, taking pictures)? What electronic components are involved? (e.g. Particle Electron, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.)
What is the Voltage and Capacity of your battery? *
e.g. "12V, 2Ah", If you don't know, just say "not sure"
Where will the system be placed physically? *
Example: "Mounted on a pole in the middle of a field."
How many systems do you plan on deploying?
Example: 200 per year, 1
Anything else we should know?
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