In the Limelight - Family/Friends/Fans
To celebrate the Limelight Theatre Company’s 20th Anniversary, we would love to feature at least 20 different individuals who have been part of the group over the years.

We are looking for family members, friends and fans to fill out this short questionnaire about your experience with Limelight. We want to know your favorite memories and moments and what kind of an impact Limelight and the performing arts have had on you and your life.

Highlights from your questionnaire may be posted on the Limelight website and shared via Facebook.

Answer as many of the questions as you would like.
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How do you want to be introduced and referenced in the feature and on social media? *
What do you enjoy about attending Limelight productions?
What does Limelight mean to you and/or your family?
What changes have you seen in the Limelighter in your life that you could attribute to their participation?
If you are a long time fan, how has Limelight changed? What has stayed the same?
Did you participate in Limelight with a family member? What was that experience like?
What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of Limelight?
How would you describe Limelight to a friend?
Anything else you would like to share?
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