Adelphi Fitness4All Survey

I'd like to know what we at F4A can do to improve the service we provide for you.

If there are things we can do to improve, do differently, change, not do then please let me know. The more honest and detailed the advice the more we can improve

Also, if you're not currently exercising then I'd like to know how we can encourage you to.


p.s. If you would like to talk to me in more detail or are willing for me to contact you about your answers then there's space to leave your contact details

What could we do to improve F4A?
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What does F4A do best?
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What does F4A suck at?
What would you like to see more of?
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What would you like to see less of?
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Any comments or feedback about the staff? Both good and bad!
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How could we improve the classes? New? Times?
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Anything we've not covered so far?
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Contact details if you'd like to discuss in further detail:
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