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Complete this form, and you may be featured on our Discover Feed! The Discover Feed is one of the best ways for the IMVU community to discover you and your shop.

NEW! By completing this form, you will also be considered for our new Creator of the Month feature!
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- One image per submission. Up to one submission per week.

- Image size must be 1024x1024.

- Submissions must be GA.

- Style at least 1 to 2 looks from your shop.

- The looks should only include products from your shop.

- You can feature models in an IMVU room or a background of your choice. Feel free to make it your own and be creative.

Inspiration can be found here:
- Shop Creator Highlights on Instagram
- Creator Highlights
- Discover Feed

- Your images and your shop CANNOT contain existing brand images, icons, names, or any copyrighted designs. This goes against the IMVU Terms of Service.

- Submissions will trigger a review of your account to ensure it is in good standing.
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This can be found if you search your name in the Shop. Then click your name on one of your products, which will take you to a page of your items. The URL in your browser will contain your ID as highlighted in the image below. NOTE: your shop will automatically be created once you upload your first project to the IMVU catalog,  
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How to Submit your Discover Feed Image
Host your image file on IMVU in your albums (on our Desktop App) or use 3rd party sites like Google Photos, Imgur, etc. Provide a link to your image below.
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By submitting you agree to abide by IMVU's rules and regulations, this includes no copyright violations or stolen products. Submission does not guarantee your place in contest. IMVU reserves the right to remove any Creator from the Discover Feed Feature at any time. Duplicate entries will be ignored.
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