Evaluation Of Lecturer Performance On Thesis Guidance
The evaluation of lecturer performance on thesis guidance is aimed to make sure that lecturer performance on thesis guidance in each semester have implemented well accordance with main assignment and function of thesis guidance. The evaluation is also aimed to identify good case practice on escalating effectiveness and efficiency of thesis guidance .
Considering the importance of information on escalating the quality of thesis guidance process, please kindly to be filled out truthfully.
Lecturer Name
Your answer
Lecturer motivates student on triggering of thesis topic/title
Lecturer helps to formulate thesis title
Lecturer drives student to find scientific printed information
Lecturer drives student how to access electronic journals
Lecturer drives student how to write proposal/thesis use good and right Indonesian Language
Lecturer drives student to write proposal/thesis according to applicable guidelines
Lecturer gives direction of problem solving on thesis research activities
Lecturer drives student to do research in accordance with proposal
The time that be provided by lecturer for proposal/thesis consultation
Student accessibility to meet lecturer for proposal/thesis consultation
Time range that be provided by lecturer to check proposal/thesis
Suggestion/correction are given for lecturer
Compatibility of lecturer expertise with thesis topic
In general, are you satisfied toward lecturer performance on thesis guiding?
1. According to you, what is the best performance that have already done by lecturer on thesis guiding?
Your answer
2. What is the expectation that you can propose to escalate lecturer performance on thesis guiding?
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