Which is to occur on the 19th through the 21st of May, 2017.

Applications will be collected from FEBRUARY 1, 2017 until MARCH 31, 2017.
You should be able to edit this application after submitting it, until MARCH 31, when it will be locked.

This application contains 6 short sections:

This page (whereby we collect your email address)

Who are you? (whereby we collect your preferred name, best way to contact you, etc.)

Bringing the fun! (whereby you tell us what you're excited to bring to camp this year)

Camp Mawavi (whereby you tell us if there are any chores you CANNOT or WILL NOT perform)

The Nerdly Code (whereby you agree to behave while at camp)

*Optional Last Page* (whereby you can asks for Nerdly Scholarship assistance, or voluntarily disclose some additional information)

Email address
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