Book Recommendations from Claire
Need a recommendation for someone on your gift list?
Use this form and I'll do my best to provide you with 3-5 possible titles!
I would prefer that you buy your the books from Blackwell's,, or your local bookshop, and will provide links accordingly, but obviously that's up to you!
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Tell me as much as you can about the recipient of your gift -- age, interests, political affiliation, faith, pet ownership, upcoming life event -- anything that will help me pick out a book for them!
Do you know of any books they love? Any recent reads they liked?
Do you know of any books they don't love?
Do they have any particular reading focus at the moment?
Anything else you know about their reading preferences (paperback only? just women authors? No YA? short books? long books? any themes they love or subjects you want to stay away from?)
In which country will you be buying the books? (if you are buying a gift, and they live in a different country from you, it may be easier to send books direct from a shop in their country, and I'll provide links accordingly.) *
When do you need these recommendations by? (I will try my best, but can't guarantee a quick turnaround!)
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